Cindy Devina

Cindy DevinCindy Devin
Cindy Devin – Talented girl from Jakarta and serious to dedicate herself as a professional model. She has a wonderful body, smooth skin, uniquely red hair and beautiful cute face. She will make your passion blow away with your imagination to make an inspiration that so strong and maybe could be the best art you ever take. Just try to shoot her by yourself and feel what you get on your shutter when you click it. Don’t ever miss your chance to take her picture because you will be disappointed in the future if you don’t get it.

♥ Contact her for Photojobs, Events, etc.
♥ She doen’t shoot in Nude, Bikini, Lingerie, and any other too hot costumes.
♥ She’ll accompanied in every shoot no matter what.
♥ Feel free to contact but in se

Basic Info
Born October 18, 1992
Location – Salemba, Jakarta, Indonesia 10440

Affiliation – Famous Model
Awards Best Performance ~ Famous Enterprise Fashion Show [Oasis Hotel]

Cindy Personal Information – Fashion Model

Cindy Personal Interests – Photojobs, Photoshoot, Modeling, Acting, Ads, etc.

Contact Info :

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