Some Quotes On Paul Scholes

Lionel Messi – He is an inspiration.

Pele – If he was playing with me, I would have scored so many more.

Seedorf – I’m not the best, Paul Scholes is.

Cristiano Ronaldo – He hit a tree with a ball from 50m in one try, I couldn’t do it in even 10 times.

Zinedine Zidane – You rarely come across the complete footballer, Scholes is as close to it as you can get, he is my favorite player.

Sir Alex Ferguson – He is one of ‘the’ great players.

Xabi Alonso: “I’ve still got Scholes’ shirt at home which I swapped with him. When I was at LFC he was one of the players I liked most.”

Ian Holloway: “When Scholes passes the ball it stays passed. The ball goes exactly where he wants it to. I have always loved him for that. I played against himonce or twice and he is an absolute genius. He is a role model for anyone who wants to play football. He is a joy to watch. In fact, I wish he was 21, then I could see his career all over again.”

Rooney says he wants to be like scholes. Tbh hes the closest thing in the WORLD to scholes! In the cm position rooney is untouchable!

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