Prayer Is Not…

Prayer is not:

# A shopping list. Heaven is not a supermarket where we grocery shop, picking items from the shelves and dropping in our basket.

# Prayer is not a religious exercise to be done only on our knees, before a meal, and at the beginning and end of a service.

# Is not done only by pastors and priests.

# Prayer is not magical.

So What Then Is Prayer?

Prayer is primarily a form of communication, so that implies that it is two way.
When we pray as born again Christians, we are praying to the Most High God, the Only True God and that means that we speak to Him and He speaks to us. So we should not only speak during prayer but we should also listen. It is during prayer that we form an intimate relationship with God. We can go to him and open our hearts because we trust Him. Intimacy, trust and communication are all expressions of love and so, prayer is also an expression of our love of God and our love for God.

The bible defines prayer as meditating, petitioning or intervention. So our communication with God can be by either verbal or thoughts. It should be mentioned though that prayer by meditation is a very spiritual and intense experience and not for people who cannot pray effectively out loud.

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