He is God

He is God, ’twas Thomas who exclaimed,

“My Lord and God,” for Jesus is divine.

Yes, He was born of God and not of man.

He made the world, created all;

He was the Source, the Author of it all,

And by His power alone it still survive.

He is God; He did not start to live

When Mary gave Him birth, He always lived;

His birth was but an incident in life,

Yeah, from everlasting He is God.

A few short years He tarried in this world,

And then went back to His eternal home.

He is God, then worshipped at His feet,

And He accepted worship, being God;

For in the form of God and not of man,

Nor in the form of angels was He known,

His substances is the same as that of God,

The mighty God – He lives eternally.

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