Sinless World

What a wonderful world this would be if sin could be eliminated! The rich would never again oppress the poor. Everyone would be employed; there would be none idle. The labourer would recieve a just and adequate wage. Everyone would have all he needed. There would be abundance, and no one would go hungry. Poverty would be unknown.

There would not be a drunkard anywhere in the world, for men could bring home their wages and spend their money for food and clothing. The appetite for strong drink would be gone. There would be no drunken drivers and no night parties.

Not a single harlot would be found on the streets. All suggestive pictures, statues and paintings would be gone. Nothing unclean would remain. Never again would adultery be commited. Prostitution and Modern Slavery would be a thing of the past.

There would be no thieves, no bandits or highwaymen. Banks and homes would be safe. Keys and locks would no longer be needed. None would be kidnapped. There would be no jails or penitentiaries; no poor-houses anywhere. Tax payers would be free from all such responsibilities. No one would gamble. Horse-racing, stock-markets and slot-machines would be out of date.

Never again would we hear a man cursing and swearing. God’s name would not be taken in vain. None would be angry. Jealousy would be unknown. Never again would anyone be hanged for murder, for such a crime would not be commited, since love would dominate every action. There would be no hate, no selfishness.

Sicknes would be gone and death, as we know it, will be no more. Never again would there be a funeral, nor a door with crepe. Every man’s word would be trusted; there would be no liars. The dope friend would be a relic of the dark centuries. War would be no more, for never again would nations fight. Battlefields, armies and navies would be unknown. Peace would reign supreme.

Oh, what a glorious vision! Do we all want it fulfilled? Are we really anxious to make this world a better place to live in? Then we must go the whole way. We must deal with sin, for sin is at the root of all greed and selfishness, all the woes and troubles of the human race – sin, yours and mine.

To deal with sin we will have to go further and deeper than mere alter call, reformation and social regeneration, for sin is a disease. Only the blood of Christ can cure it. Since we are both sinners, we must be regenerated as individuals. That is while Jesus said, “Ye must be born again.” The heart must be changed, its appetites and desires, for “The heart”, says God, “is desperately wicked”. When the hearts of all men are changed, then, and not until then, we shall have a better world.

That change, the Bibles tells us, can come only in part now, for the great majority of men will not accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. If they would, the Golden Age would be here. But they will not, and hence we have to wait until Christ returns for a better world, for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.

“The blood salvation,” said D. L. Moody, “has a wonderful effect upon men’s characters. They rarely remaing subjects of charity, but rise at once to comfort and respectability. It is the old story of the pig in the parlour. We have to change its nature before it is fit for such an environment. Only the Gospel can do that.

Education has never done it. Nor has reformation. Environment has failed. Curses have all proven useless. There is nothing, my friend, absolutely nothing that has succeeded except spiritual regeneration, and you knw it.

Sin, my friend, is the prob – SIN; and Christ is the remedy. All the woes and ills of mankind can be attributed to one thing – sin. Until we are able to deal with sin, then we will be able to make this old world a fit place to live in.

My Lord can make drunkards sober. He can make harlots pure. Yes, and He can make the rich generous and employers just. He can transform the dwellers of slums into respectable citizens. He can lift the heavy burdens of life and make sad hearts glad. My Lord, I say, can do all that, as thousands can testify, and infinitely more. He can save His people from their sins.

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