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Beyonce – “You Mess With The Bey, You’re Gonna Get Stung!”

BeyonceA fan nearly caught d wrath of d superstar diva aftr slappin her on her famous backside. D YBF reports dt a male fan grabbd Bey durin a stop of D Mrs. Carter Tour in Copenhagen, Denmark last nyt as she performd “Irreplaceable.” D bootylicious Beyonce apparently gav d fan a vry angry luk n said, “I ‘ll hav u escortd out ryt now, alryt?” Alwys d professional, d superstar continud witout missing a beat aftr d incident.

RIP Lee Rigby

No soldier deserves such a death in his homeland. The men responsible should be bought to justice and be executed. They deserve nothing less. Any religion that advocates violence should not be a religion.

What has this man done in his life to die in such a horrible manner? Such a senseless act.

Such a tragedy!! I pray that God will comfort his family and they will eventually find peace.

Get Ready For MTN Project Fame All Stars Concerts

#Get ready for…

MTN Project Fame West Africa All Stars Concerts:

7th June – Benin (Cultural Centre, Along airport road)

21st June – Calabar (Cultural Centre, Barracks road, Mary Slessor)

28th June – Lagos ( Lagos Oriental Hotel, Oniru)

Beyonce’s Anthemic “Grown Woman”….. When it comes to Beyonce, nobody knows how to create an instant pop hit about being a proud female than the famous diva. Think “Single Ladies” and “Girls (Run The World)“: both songs really know how to get your girl power rising. Now, Bey has another female empowerment anthem to add to her roster, and it’s a great one.

The audio for her new track “Grown Woman” has leaked, and it’s getting praise as the next big summer anthem. As Beyonce spews the lyrics –

I’m a grown woman / I can do whatever I want
over a tribal beat, we instantly fell for this song and hope it gets all the attention it deserves.

Get Well Soon

Angelina Jolie – ”Im fortunate 2 av a partner, Brad Pitt, wu is so luvin n supportiv. So 2 any1 wu has a wife/girlfrnd goin tru dis, knw dt u r a vry important part of d transitn. Brad ws @d Pink Lotus Breast Center, wer I ws treatd, 4 evry minute of d surgeries. We managd 2 find moments 2 laugh 2gether. We knew dis ws d ryt tin 2 do 4 our family n dt it wuld bring us closer. And it has.”

TINSEL – 1000th Episode

TINSEL, your favorite TV SOAP is celebrating its 1000TH episode. You’ve seen the drama, You’ve felt the tension of betrayal, Followed the tales of love and tears with each character. Now AFRICA MAGIC brings you the opportunity to meet your favorite TINSEL STARS and get your SIGNED AUTOGRAPHS. So get ready to join them at: