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Beyonce (In pics)

BeyonceBeyoncé Makes a Special Appearance at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City
BeyonceBeyoncé Makes Surprise Appearance at the University of Houston
BeyonceLive At Roseland NYC Screening

Four Lyrics That Describe Beyonce Over Her HBO Documentary

As a Beyonce fan, this is so exciting to me! Here are 4 lyrics (Beyonce’s favorite number) that describe just how much I’m looking forward to the documentary:

4. “Now I’ll never be the same / It’s you and me until the end ”
This line, from Beyonce’s ode to her #1 Love “Countdown” describes how I think I’ll feel after finally getting to watch the documentary in February. I’ll never be the same! And I’ll obviously never stop being a Beyonce fan.

3. “You had me at hello / Hello, hello”
The chorus from Bey’s song “Hello” is so fitting for how I felt when I first heard the news of her documentary. I was immediately sold on it, super excited, and counting down the days. Yep, you had us at “Documentary.”

2. “I’m not myself, lately I’m foolish, I don’t do this”
I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I’m just way too excited for this rare glimpse into the perfect life of Beyonce! This line is from her classic song with Jay-Z “Crazy In Love.”

1. “I think about you all the time / I see you in my dreams”“
“Baby Boy” is a song about a love-interest who Bey can’t stop thinking about, sure, but in this case I’ll apply it to the documentary. I dream about it! I think about it all the time. Maybe…too much.

Beyonce To Premiere Exclusive Documentary On HBO In February

BeyonceEveryone’s favorite popstar, the glamorous, the beautiful, the super-human Beyonce (okay, we get a little carried away when it comes to her).

Beyonce will be the subject of an in-depth documentary to air on HBO on February 16th, 2013. The premiere will come 13 days after Ms. Knowlesperforms at the Super Bowlhalf-time show. The documentary is directed by Queen Bey herself and will feature footage of her home life with Jay-Z and their daughter Blue Ivy, as well as footage shot by the singer on her very own laptop. Fans will be able to gain special access and insight into the glamorous life of Beyonce the wife, the mother, the performer, and the business owner of her company Parkwood Entertainment.