Tonto Dike Calls Nigerian Senators Mumu…Child-Not-Bride

This must be the worst time to be a senator in Nigeria. They have received bashing from both the local and international media. Several people in the Nigerian entertainment industry have spoken about the underage marriage issue.

Brazilian Footballer Sentenced For Killing Girlfriend & Feeding Her Body to Dogs

BrazilianA star Brazilian footballer has been jailed for more than two decades for ordering d kidnap n murder of his girlfriend, who was dismembered n fed to his pet dogs.

Bruno Fernandes de Souza, 28, who was tipped to play for Brazil at d 2014 World Cup, was sentenced to 22 yrs n 3 months in prison for d murder of Eliza Samudio, whom he apparently had killed to avoid paying child support after she gave birth to his love child.

Relationship: Sad But True

Okeowo Femi
Relationship are harder now because –

conversation became texting

arguments became phone calls

feelings became subliminal messages

sex became easy

the word “love” is used out of context

insecurities became a way of thinking

getting jealous became a habit

trust is hard to come by

being hurt became natural

…and leaving became the only option.

Sad but true, so if you have something that is worth it…don’t take it for granted, fight for it and don’t let it go.