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What Is Mikel Obi Looking At?

John Obi Mikel getting distracted during an interview in Brazil has started doing the rounds.The picture, taken on the promenade right next to the beach, caught Chelsea’s midfield spoiler craning his neck around 90 degrees as the Nigerian international leered at the backside of a passing woman in a bikini.

Nigerian Alexander Amosu creates the world’s most expensive Champagne £1,200,000 (N290million)

We now have the world’s most expensive Champagne courtesy of Nigerian Luxury designer, Alexander Amosu.

A bottle of this Champagne goes for £1,200,000 which is in the neighborhood of about 290 million naira.

The bottle is made from 18 carat solid white gold among other mins blowing features….

The Champagne is originally owned by luxury champagne brand, Gout De Diamiantes.

Money – M.I.

Money slow to Enter
Money Quick to Go
Money slow to Enter
Where money dey go Ah!
Oh! I dont know, I dont know Oh!

Yo! I didnt grow poor but I didnt grow Rich
It wasnt Cruzin through life but we ruin in the Ditch
I would look at some of my friends and get that itch
To scracth that cash, to look that Flash
Grew with the comply, No self esteem
Pops bitched back when Dad didnt make Cream
Momma stay back till the boys got grown
We reminisce sometimes on the phone
How somethings for Christmas
Wasnt no Wishless
Wasnt no Chickens
There Wasnt no Rice
We didnt have money for feed, it wasnt funny
Couple Gees but still we couldnt pay that price
Still I had it Easy and life was good
I drink stories with some of my mens from the Hood
Drama every day
Trauma where they lay
Momma used to say

Money Slow to Enter
Money Quick to Go
Money slow to Enter
Where money dey go Oh! Ah!
Oh! I dont know, I dont know Oh!

Life is a, Justra Enthel
You wanna get a lady but you cant afford the fall
Cos if you dont hit it life will seem like Yell
And Death is a Cause if you wanna make Bell
The rich gets gets richer
The poor gets Screwed
Living is like oil
It gets Crude
Be Rich and Inherit the Merit and get Chewed
But Trials in main life will not get you (Oh! Lord)
Money is the Key if you want life to Chill
Money is the Juice to produce some skills
But money when abused, the Slaughter with the Kill
So listen up people this is realthis is real
Some money can break you if you’re so unfaithful
Dont love her too much because she will for
sake you
Some give her everything and shower praise
But what a Bitch when it when it Stays

Money Slow to Enter
Money Quick to Go
Quick to Go
Money slow to Enter
Where money dey go Ah!
Oh! I dont know, I dont know Oh!

I remember that my Father used to say
Pray for better days
And gat to enrich your feet with cheydehley
And Cheydehley is the distress on Vertebrae
Cos all I can do is Drain and Get awayTo Fast Forward a Few years
A Few spring summer times out of a new year
Now I’m in the U.S fighting a few fears
Grace for a never first place Nigerian
And my brother be writing me, Letters and emails,Telling me about school and home and females
Telling me about this lovely gurl he’s met
He’s sure he loves her though he hasnt kissed her yet, Yep
And P.S he thinks it sounds Bro,
I need that new P.S or New Nitendo
Then I would get off from the callPut a Pen on my Palm
What could I write to make the money spend

Money Slow to Enter
Money Quick to Go
Money slow to Enter
Where money dey go Ah!
Oh! I dont know, I dont know Oh!

If USA Was Nigeria, Today’s Headlines Will Read…

Don’t celebrate yet, Romney tells Obama (TELL magazine)·

Concede defeat, Obama urges Romney (Punch newspaper)·

20 opposition cadres riot (The Sun newspaper)·

Romney Demands Vote Recount (Vanguard newspaper)·

Elections rigged (Guardian newspaper)·

No evidence of manipulation (NTA news)·

The Church declares elections free and fair (News Line)·

There will be violence if we lose; Romney declares (LTV 8 news)·

Election results for Arizona awaited (Channels news)·

Trucks with suspected ballot papers crosses into USA from Mexico (Tribune newspaper)·

Romney is an opportunist – Go back to your farm (AIT news)·

I will not accept results, Romney tells Obama (STV news)

McCain heads to Election Petition Tribunal (MITV)·

White Majority rejects results (PM News)·

Kenyan Big Boy Senator Obama Throws Lavish Party to celebrate Election Victory (City People)·

Free for all fight at Obama rally in Grant Park (Channels TV)