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Letter To BLADE

Hello BLADE,

How are you? I wanted to tell you about my NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM playing STAR WARS with BENLO for good 24HOURS. On my way out, I met MERLIN asking for the road to NARNIA to find THE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, because he was born to stop the DOOMSDAY and he had a LION HEART and was BORN TO DEFEND the GOLDEN COMPASS which could lead to the APOCALYPSE. In 44 MINUTES, I was WANTED by the PHANTOM SOLDIERS for trying to escape from THE GOD OF WAR’s castle ruled by the PRINCE OF PERSIA.

While I was walking I saw THE HOUSE ON THE LEFT. Going into it I met the MEN IN BLACK eatin COW AND CHICKEN with ROMEO AND JULIET. JOHNNY BRAVO was busy staring at DIANA who sent him to THE QUEST to find THE MEDALLION, thought it cause him 80 DAYS AROUND THE WORLD. He stopped at the WORLD OF APES to see THE GIRL NEXT DOOR.

Unfortunately he met her with HARRY PORTER who gave a KILL BILL. Unhappy, he traveled to SMALL VILLE where he met INFAMOUS who told him his mission to find ILANA was a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE that had already caused the fight between THE MUMMY and NORBIT and had also led to the DRAGON WARS. Tired of it all, the POWER RANGERS called FANTASTIC FOUR. Unbotherd, SPIDERMAN went on a date with CAT WOMAN.

Finally, thanks to the G1 JOES, in cooperation with the LORD OF THE RINGS, who caught the GOD OF GANBLERS. Now the DEVIL MAY CRY.